Annual Surin Charity Motorcycle Event

Discussion in 'Events' started by bartomeer, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. bartomeer

    bartomeer Ol'Timer

    Surin will hold its annual Charity motorcycle event on 5 November. It is in the planning stages and will be bigger and better than last year. Have many sponsors for this event and will have events for big and small bikes.

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  3. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Do we have to dress like pirates to attend? Are sport bikes tolerated? :wink:
  4. bartomeer

    bartomeer Ol'Timer

    The 9AM to 4 PM bike run will be pirate ‘themed’ and include meals/snacks a ‘Poker Run’ style raffle ending up at Prasat for the evening festivities. Ryans Resort will host an after party with a bikini bike wash, bike show, games, music, BBQ, rock band and fireworks. Sportbikes, dirtbikes, cruiser, touring, dual sport,....everybody is welcome. It's a charity ride and all profits goes to "Tree Of Life Orphanage" (TOLO) in Buriram. When you're comming as a pirate, the children gone love it.
  5. Hoghead

    Hoghead Ol'Timer

    Lets get a group together and support this charity event
  6. wildoates

    wildoates New Member

    The event has now grown into a 3 day event, will start off Friday evening with a welcome party, the main event on Saturday, and things lined up for Sunday. It will be 4-5-6 November and is getting bigger by the day. More sponsors are signing up and bike clubs.

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  7. flyingPistonRon

    flyingPistonRon New Member

    The latest flyer hot off the presses.
  8. flyingPistonRon

    flyingPistonRon New Member

    just over a month out now......bump
  9. Ricohoc

    Ricohoc Ol'Timer

    Great idea and looks like a good one. I plan to attend.

    Wish Ryan's Resort would answer their emails. Been a week since I inquired.
  10. Ricohoc

    Ricohoc Ol'Timer

    Finally got a response from Ryan's Resort. I had emailed them through their web site and got an automatic response, but they said they never received the initial email. Strange.

    Anyway, for anyone interested, I suggest you contact them through this email address directly and not their web site: [email protected].

    Here is info that they supplied to me on the rooms and a contact number.

    Good luck to all!
  11. flyingPistonRon

    flyingPistonRon New Member

    At about 2 weeks now BUMP
    Got an official sticker out now
  12. bartomeer

    bartomeer Ol'Timer

  13. flyingPistonRon

    flyingPistonRon New Member

    Thank You Bartomeer
    Breakfast will be 9-10 the ride should start around 10AM
  14. cdrw

    cdrw Ol'Timer

    While I'm not attending this year...

    For those hunting for a room, you might try the Thong Tarin Hotel, which is just a short walk
    from the Starbeam Restaurant. The hotel is nice, even the province governor stays there when in town.
    And...they rent rooms on yet to be remodeled the top (12th) floor for 400-Bt/nite. Two twin beds, A/C, HW, TV!!
    Also, say 'hi' to Mike, at the Starbeam, a good guy to know. He and his wife run the place. Xlnt food, too!!

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