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  1. dancingroads

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    The new biking season is off to a great start and with it we have off-roaders seeking others to join them on their tours through Cambodia...

    26th December: 6 days through Aural and the Cardamom mountains; challenging riding for experienced off roaders; choice of 250 or 400cc. ( 3 riders signed up)

    27th December: 7 days Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. Along the Mekong river to Stung Treng then west to jungle temples and Angkor Wat. A mix of laidback and challenging terrain (3 riders signed up)

    8th January: 7 day circuit to the less visited jungle temples of the north. Preah Kahn, Boueng Melea, Koh Ker, Preah Vihear, Banteay Chhmar and Battambang. (5 riders signed up)

    25th January: 7 days Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. Along the Mekong river to Stung Treng then west to jungle temples and Angkor Wat. A mix of laidback and challenging terrain (2 riders signed up)

    20th Feb: 10 day around Cambodia tour visiting northeastern hill tribe country, northern temples, Angkor and Kampot in the South ( 2 riders signed up)

    13th April: 8 day tour through the Cardamom Mountains and more. ( 1 rider signed up and seeking others to join him)

    Contact us through our user profile for more details.
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  3. andy_bkk

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    What roads are you using to get through Aural? Gecko map shows road 44 out of Kampong Speu to Phum Roleax Kang Cheung, and then a trail via Thma Bang and Ruessei Chrum to link up to with Road 48 to koh kong. Is this the route?

    I was thinking about doing the cardamons ride around the same time, will it be dry enough in late december to cross all the rivers?


  4. dancingroads

    dancingroads Active Member

    starting off on road 44 yes, but then turning off about 10km before the hot springs (it says Tasal on the Gecko Map but doesn't show the trail) Then through Chhay Riep, and Kamlot to Thmor Bang.

    end of december shouldn't be a problem regarding water crossings; we have another trip starting on the 15th this month so will be able to update on conditions then...

    BTW our webhosts have gone bust and left us stranded so our website will be offline until we can get everything resolved... :-(
  5. andy_bkk

    andy_bkk Member

    Cool, an update on the conditions would be much appreciated, haven't been able to find any recent info online.
  6. dancingroads

    dancingroads Active Member

    update: back online :)
  7. Pauche

    Pauche Ol'Timer

    upssss for you, P & S.

  8. William

    William New Member

    Hi I'm based in HK and would be really interested in joining a 5-6 day tour in Cambodia. Is there a number I can call you on to discuss? If you can, my number is +852 94708442.
    Look forward to your earliest reply. Cheers. William
  9. dancingroads

    dancingroads Active Member

    As promised I am back.. probably a bit late though sorry!

    The water crossings are fine at the moment; the highest one is the one just before O'Saom but there was no need to use the car inner tube that had been brought along for the trip :) just a couple of sticks through each rim and the bikes were lifted through without a problem. Paeng and Leng also made a makeshift underwater bridge with a few planks and rocks to make it easier to wheel the bike through next time; we'll see if it's still there on the 28th!

    Following the rainy season things were pretty overgrown (with a few piles of young trees which the locals had cleared and left in the middle of the 'road' but with the help of our machete, the trail should be a bit clearer for the next few weeks :) You'll still need to keep an eye out for hanging vines though, which can snare you and pull you off the bike...

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