Best tires for offoroad driving in dry season

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Bert on the bike, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. Bert on the bike

    Bert on the bike Ol'Timer

    Dear All

    Being a not more then limited experienced off roader :roll: with my 250 XR I have read and heard a lot of different opinions about the best tire choise for the dry season. Should it be knobblies, semi off-road or even as some say just street tires.

    Since I am planning a trip in February through Thailand and maybe a couple of days Cambodia (hardened dirt track with some sand patches) I would like to ask the esteemed members of this forum about their opinions :wink: . Lets see how many different opinions there are.


    Bertil Prins
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  3. Pikey

    Pikey Ol'Timer

    On our XR250 rent bikes we just about always run dual sport/trail tyres unless a customer requests full knobblies in advance. In the dry, knobblies don't give any advantage over DS tyres and are less useful/higher wearing on the tarmac.


  4. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Pikey is spot on. No advantage in having Knobblies in the Dry Season. Specially for normal Trail Riding. Even in the Wet Season the Dual Sport Tyres are ok for most trails. Heaps of Makes avalible locally depending on your Budget. IRC, Deestone to name acouple, and Imported Dunlop in the higher price Range.
  5. Bert on the bike

    Bert on the bike Ol'Timer

    Thanks guys :D

    I know now what to do. Any of you have experience with IRC GP-1 tyres? They look like the right one for me.

    Thanks again

    Bertil 8)
  6. bill

    bill Ol'Timer

    I generally run the dual purpose tyres but will put a knobbly on the front if I'm journeying into the unknown or anticipating deep sand.
  7. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer

    Dunlop 605's on my DR250. Good on most trails and even holds it's own on the asphalt at CM Speedway, also on the open road.

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