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  1. DavidFL

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    Sunday 18 July 2010
    8.30AM – 5.30PM
    Chiang Mai Speedway
    Cost 999 baht.
    Riders must bring their own bike.
    For more info contact Tum. Telephone 084-5044109.

    Previous courses, run by Tum earlier this year.






    :idea: Why not a course for the ladies now?
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    Yes David I think this time good for ladies for learn more Safety Riding
  5. TonyBKK

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    Excellent to see this type of training available in Chiang Mai! Wishing you great success! Happy Trails! Tony
  6. oldbloke

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    If only we could get such praise from police here in Australia when bikers promote safety. Good on yer, Sombat.
  7. nikster

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    Sign me up for the next one, I'm coming!
  8. Jurgen

    Jurgen Ol'Timer

    Also interested! Will keep watching for news.
  9. ronwebb

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    Also interested so will follow the thread for the next one.

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