biggest V-Twin ever with 6728cc

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  1. KZ

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    And I was saying a 2000cc chopper doesn't make any sense...
    Check out this highly interesting website featuring a 6728cc V-Twin motorcycle, the "Gunbus" - a monster of a bike!
    There are also articles on the craziest things on two wheels I've ever seen, like a four-in-line 125cc Monkey, an Enfield V-Twin, a D1200GS BMW with a single-arm front suspension, and practically anything from a steam engine powered bike with Model A wheels and tires to an electric bike with a top speed of 150mph. Here goes: ... completed/
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  3. Marco

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    That is one crazy bike,, if you can call it bike any more,, i find one funny note in there,,, there was mentioned that is It is a little heavy at 1433 pounds so high speed corner carving might be an issue

    what makes some one think that is 'Little' heavy....555555

    good one KZ, fantastic reading
  4. monsterman

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    A friend in UK Chris Knibbs made a 6500cc V twin a few years ago using 2 cyliders from a Bristol Centaurus 18 cylinder radial aircraft engine he built stretched and widened Crank cases based on HD and Vincent parts and a Harley Gearbox. The bike runs he built his own frame . The Bike is now somewhere in NZ where he emigrated to.
  5. KZ

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    There are so many fascinating stories on that website - did you read the one about the Ducati "V1"? To me that's absolutely fascinating. The guy turned the rear cylinder of a 90* Ducati V-Twin into a compressor to supercharge the front cylinder. The bike runs perfectly and has even more power than the non-charged twin! If it would be possible to build a lightweight supercharger into a motorcycle engine, we'd see 500cc twin engines with 100+ hp!


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