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    I am heading to Koh Kong Cambodia. Am in Chiang Mai and wondering if anyone knows a reasonably easy route to bypass Bangkok. I hear that motorcycles are prohibited on some of the major expressways making it hard for riders to bypass the city. Is it possible to ride on routes 9 and 7 to get around the city with the bike. Any advise or google map routes would be much appreciated. Thanks
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  3. mbox999

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  4. ntb

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    Thanks. I have done that route from south to north and it really was a great ride. But I am looking for the quickest route from CM to Koh Kong.
  5. TonyBKK

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    If you are in Chiang Mai there is no need for you to come anywhere near Bangkok. mbox's recommended route is a good one! :happy5:
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    maybe this route is faster...but it also depends current road conditions in tak/kamphaeng phet area. was only able to make picture of the map ...but it gives you an idea

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  7. ntb

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    Thanks.I will take that route. Avoid Bangkok altogether.
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    Drop down via Pakchong and Khao Yai, then to Chantaburi and Trat......

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