Cafe Racer project-Start from scratch

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  1. Tom64

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    Hi there!

    I am new in Bangkok and would like to start a cafe racer project. I don't know much about mechanics, and would like to learn along this project. However I have no motorbike, and want to find a wreck because I don't have quite a big budget now (yes, you understood : I have no knowledge, no bike, no money ... but a lot of motivation!). :smile1:

    So if any of you could provide me with good places to find a wreck, or any tips for learning how to build your own bike, or useful address in Bangkok ( garage, motorbike clubs ...), it could be a very good start!

    Thanks a lot,

    I look forward to start!

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  3. KZ25

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    There should be lots of cheap wrecks in Bangkok, and this youtube channel has lots of tips on how to build a real cafe racer:

    Here's a good place to start:

  4. Hua Hin

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  5. KZ25

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    ^ Exactly, you could probably find all the parts for a complete bike!
  6. Tom64

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    Thank you for your answer guys! That will be helpful!! Regarding a place to find a motorbike ( I mean a wreck), do you have any tips?


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