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Discussion in 'Vietnam - Road Trip Reports' started by vngunfighter, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. vngunfighter

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    Quick get away for the night.

    Left HCMC at, fueled up and headed south. Traffic through D4 and D7 was lite to moderate in some places. Caught the ferry just right, timing was perfect. 10 minute ride across the river was easy and not crowded.

    Weather was perfect, low 80's and the roads were even better. Awesome 4 lane HWY to CG. Absolutely no traffic at all, except the occasional bus or truck. But other than that the road was ours. Great ride for an inexperienced rider, they can get used to a motobike and the feel of it without the pressures of city traffic.

    Took us an hour and fourty minutes, at an easy pace through the mangroves.
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  3. Rod Page

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    Good stuff vngunfighter. Half your luck down there with the weather, up here in the north its currently drizzling & cold, cold, cold.
    Any photos?
  4. vngunfighter

    vngunfighter Member

    Got up in the 90's, WX was nice all day. Windy though, I heard it will die down after March.

    Lodging is super affordable and the food is excellent as well.

    Will post pics when I get back tomorrow night.

    Ride safe.
  5. vngunfighter

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    "Monkey Island" a very interesting place, they were everywhere, friendly somewhat. Go at around noon, most are all sleeping, and the young ones are playing.

    My girlfriend found the "only" one that showed some sort of aggression.

    The walk path to get to other parts of the center, it's not really an island but more of a sanctuary.
  6. vngunfighter

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    Sunset at the salt farms.

    Sunset at the out hotel.

    Normal traffic
  7. Rod Page

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    Great photos, mate. The last says a thousand words.
    Keep the reports & photos coming.

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