Chiang Kham Restaurants

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  1. Khom Restaurant

    a small folksy pub & restaurant

    quiet & cosy

    Live acoustic music


    slow service but probably the best Thai food we had in a week on the road.
    An exceptional find & highly recommended. Cheap.
    Location in the street to Bou Thong resort.
    Just a couple of hundred metres from the corner of the main street by the Chiang Kham hotel.
  2. The Number one pub - Riverside Return



    the adult playground in Chiang Kham.
    Good music, service + food.
    Location out on the bypass road by the junction of R1021 & 1148. Head north from town on 1148 & turn left onto the bypass R1021 & it is just a few metres from the corner on the left hand side.
    Well recommended for an enjoyable late night out.
  3. Blacksmith Coffee
    a beautiful aircon coffee shop with damn good coffee = I had 3 cups to start the day.

    They do coffee, burgers & sandwiches + simple Thai food.
    & drinks at night

    The building is a beauty, bright, fresh clean & whisper quirt cool aircon
    with a variety of seating

    Cup # 1

    A delicious Ham & Cheese Sammy for breakfast

    Location is a bit of the way, but in the "town suburbs" beside the river
    GPS: N19 31.813 E100 17.845
    Well worth looking out for.
  4. A mention for the Boutique 5 hotel & cuisine restaurant
    as fate would have it, one afternoon in the heat I retired to the hotel for a refreshing cold bevvy & a light snack.
    My first 3 choices for some beer food all failed, so a menu was presented with some sub standard images to select the food from.
    1. A cold Leo
    2. A small tuna salad
    the tuna salad was huge & surprisingly delicious.

    3. Then the masterpiece, some garlic bread with cheese, or that's what I thought I saw in the image
    not quite garlic bread & cheese I saw, but never mind. Absolutely delicious, green lipped muscles & as tasty as.

    The Boutique 5 Hotel restaurant has a strong name (locally) for pizzas, so perhaps if you're in the mood for one, it maybe worth looking them up to dine in some aircon comfort.
  5. When the heat is on & you're looking for somewhere airconditioned & cool.

    The Live Cafe

    Central downtown, & next to the Yamaha Square

    Loads of comfy seating

    plus ice cream & frappes to refresh with

    GPS: N19 31.601 E100 18.139

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