Chiang Rai - the Ruammit elephant loop.

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    If you're hanging out in Chiang Rai & looking for a nice half day / day ride you can try the Ruammit Loop - a lovely ride alongside the both sides of the Kok River.

    [​IMG] Riding the Kok on the south side of the river

    A temple to climb


    [​IMG] The Kok river ride - a beauty of winding hilly roads

    Total distance is around 45 kms.

    Ruammit is the big Karen village with all the elephants on the North side of the Kok.

    [​IMG] Ruammit the Karen elephant village

    [​IMG] Downtown Ruammit

    [​IMG] A quiet day at the Ruammit elephant camp

    [​IMG] Junior hanging out in the shade

    Most tourists use the boat one way to arrive or depart


    [​IMG] The Kok river bridge at Ruammit

    [​IMG] Riding the Kok river on the north side

    Here's how the 45 kms looks in google earth

    [​IMG] The GE Ruammit Loop

    The elevation profile to confirm it is s delightful hilly - up & down road.

    [​IMG] GTR Elevation profile

    When you'e in Chiang Rai, check it out sometime for an easy half day cruise in some nice fresh air.
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