Crossing Oural Wildlife Sanctuary

Discussion in 'Cambodia Road Trip Reports' started by Philippe, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Philippe

    Philippe Ol'Timer

    Hi everybody,

    Mid- Nov, we are planning a trip from Kirirom-K. Speu area going North-West up to Pailin.
    We are looking for any info on the crossing of Oural Sanctuary.

    On Gecko Map, connected to Nat. # 4, there is road # 131 going N-W up to Chhen, then in forest in direction of Chheu Tem Mul finally reaching Phnum Kravang in Pursat province.
    Anybody ever did that trip just after raining season. Any deep crossing river or major obstacles along that way?
    From Phnum Kravang, it should be easy to continue up to Pailin.
    Thank for any comments.
    Going to enjoy deep mud!!
    Cheers [8D]

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