Doi Angkhang places to stay

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  1. any suggestions for Doi Angkhang ?

  2. I stayed at Suwannaphum resort for 300Baht in early april 2015, room and bathroom quite ok with 2 large beds and a balcony.
    GPS: 19.901467,99.038886
    aircon? mai mee. ventilator? mai mee.
    The staff told me no need and they were right, ... I even needed the blanket!
  3. Back toi Doi Ang Khang for a night & the Lao Ting is closed - everyone has gone to Chiang Mai "shopping" for a few days.

    Enter the JitJat


    just 80 metres away from the LaoTing = no big deal; although the location is not quite as convenient.

    One & two bed rooms in the grey cell block.

    Four bed rooms in the apricot cell block


    but the rooms are better - more modern - than at the Lao Ting.
    The one bed room




    Strong water pressure & a gas hot water system for those chilly Doi Ang Khang nights & mornings.

    The low season price: 600 baht.
    But Id prefer to stay at the Lao Ting because of the super location.
    Please yourself, but Doi Ang Khang has a lot of affordable accommodation nowadays.
    Check it out for a night sometimes.

    And if you want to know about Doi AngKhang, go here

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