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DRG Chaing Mai - Time to get booted and suited !

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by LivinLOS, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. Not sure if people know about this but this year there's a Chiang Mai Distinguished Gentlemans Ride.

    [url url=]Distinguished Gentlemans Ride[/url]


    A day for Dapper Duds and Sartorial Shenanigans !! Break out the mustache wax and cravats dear boy and have your batman shine the black shadow !!

    The usual requirement for a vehicle in keeping with the style is relaxed for Chaing Mais location so if your not riding a classic, cafe, scrambler or similar not to worry.. Just make the effort with the attire !! If you do have one, of course, time to shine !!

    I understand Triumph Chiang Mai are preparing and Stallion riders etc so hopefully will have a decent Thai contingent too.

    Riders are requested to sign up at the DGR website. [url url=]Chiang Mai Ride[/url]
  2. Theres a really well done video here ..

  3. thats a great video on YouTube!

    thanks for sharing it! Roll on next years DGR in Chiang Mai.

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