For sell honda cb 400 boldor superfour hyper vtec 3 with fully registed green bk.

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy and Sell' started by Pichus, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Pichus

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    One of my friends selling his wonderful bike and want me to spread this news to All GT-riders.

    This Honda CB400 Boldor Year 2005 with REAL Legal Green book, Fully registed from DLT.
    This bike is in really mint condition ,very clean ,Engine been fully taking care of, never been crash or fall down with major damage.
    Originally middle Stand service , Originally color from Japan.Slip-on Yoshimura exhaust. The Bike has about 45xxx Km. on clock.
    The bike just have new pair of tire ( Dunlop Alpha 12 2011/12)
    new battery
    new brake pads( Both front -rear )
    Asking for 220,000 B. or Negotiable price.
    Cb 400 Boldor really good for commuting as it come with half faring design.
    Low cost maintainace as CB400 are really popular bike here in Thailand.
    This is another great bike which really suitable for Thailand's road
    And for 400 cc. enough power to take you around GT countries.
    Bike is in BKK.- Nonthaburi , Please visit on Sat or Sunday will be great.
    Interesting please contact me Apicha 081-5488585 (ENG.Thai):mrgreen::mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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  3. hs0zfe

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    It's a lovely bike and I wish you luck selling it. Just remember what the ER-6n has done to used bike prices. Add $ 1,400 / 42,000 B and the buyer would get a NEW and bigger & more powerful bike with a dealer's warranty!

  4. Joelthailand

    Joelthailand Ol'Timer

    Hey Chris, dealer warranty claims at Kawasaki are a joke but the price & availability on parts for new bikes built in Thailand is amazingly good. For me I would go for a year old ER-6n with 30,000 less kilometers on the clock than this CB & put the saved 20,000 B in my back pocket!!

    I wish the seller & potential buyers of this Cb 400 Boldor the best of luck. I must admit the sight of yet another ER-6n on the streets is becoming pretty boring, compared to this great looking & rare machine. ;-) Individuality - it's not for everyone
  5. Pichus

    Pichus Member

    Yes, I agree with all comments here. Just the way 4 Cylinders and Style is different. The CB is Unique style and just suitable people who love them and willing to pay for it.That's why CB400 in Thailand are still famous model for 4 cylinders lovers. :lol-sign:

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