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    P.P. Garden Home Resort. 16 bungalows around a big parking area, at 500 Baht a night. Owner is a nice lady named Honey who will cook dinner and breakfast and she has a fridge full of cold beer. It's about 1 klm south of the main Hot junction on 1012.
    [email protected]
    tel; 089 999 0936

    18 deg 10.910'N 98 deg 36.860'E


    Star Home is a bit closer to the junction on the same road. A block of 18 rooms at 400 Baht a night.

    tel; 053 831348-9
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    Thanks for the tip off Ian. Hot is generally a place to race through, although I admit a couple of times when I've been feeling a bit weary I thought of over nighting in Hot & then immediatly discarding the idea, because of thinking nah, it can only be crap accommodation.
    But you got me thinking enough to want to have a sniff around...

    PP Garden




    Star Home




    Then another short time motel
    Garden Inn

    Bungalows 350 baht

    Short time rooms 250 baht
    GPS Waypoint: N18 11 19.7 E98 36 23.1


    Bungalows 500 baht

    Aircon, hot water, TV

    Coffee shop with breakfast


    GPS Waypoint: N18 11 43.2 E98 36 01.9
    On R108, 1.3 kms past the Hot clock tower, left hand side, going west towards Mae Sareing.



    Air con hot water, TV


    500 baht a night.
    The newest digs in town, open only 2 weeks.

    GPS Waypoint: N18 11 58.0 E98 35 47.5
    On R108, 2 kms past the Hot clock tower, left hand side, going towards Mae Sarieng.

    Anyone up for a night in Hot city & want to report back.

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