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    I often travel between Hua Hin and Lopburi and skirt Bangkok by going through Kanchanaburi. Found a good restaurant for breakfast called the "Crows Nest". They open at 7:00am if you want an early start and do good western breakfasts as well as crepes and some other food.

    Location: 14.03369, 99.52020
    Look for the blue "Sugar Cane" guesthouse sign. It's in between an Aussy bar and a British bar called "Betty Boo Pub".

    IMG_1346 copy.JPG
    IMG_1348 copy.JPG
    IMG_1345 copy.JPG
    Good value for 99 Baht. They also have a larger version for 160 Baht
    IMG_1347 copy.JPG
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    That breakfast looks a winner...
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    That does look good. I know where Ill be having breakfast in a few weeks.
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    And the price is right! Making me hungry...

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