Kawasaki Owners Manuals in English

Discussion in 'Technical' started by John Aero, Oct 29, 2014.

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    Tried to buy an English language owners manual (not overhaul) from Kawasaki Rama 9 - both spares counter lady and the sales lady said not available, Honda could provide one for my PCX so persevered. Had dig around on Kawasaki Thailand site and yes they had whole range of bikes owners manuals pdf's in English see http://www.kawasaki.co.th/th/download.asp

    Helps to look!
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    Mai mee - the 2 favourite words in Thai retailing
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    yes owner manual able to download online , All ducati and Suzuki manuals including owner and workshop ones are available online in PDF i will have a look for your Kawasaki workshop one too ....er6/versys
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  6. I am looking for Kawasaki z250SL english owner's manual but I cant find it
  7. I am looking for english owner's manual Kawasaki Z250SL the dealer have not
  8. I am looking for Kawasaki Z250SL english oener's manual

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