Laos bike tour march 2012 any riders interested?

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  1. dates have changed mid march for about ten days still looking for a co rider. drop a line :p

    Hi GT Riders. I am Nathan. Done a few trips in laos on motorbike and looking for some more jungle/motorbike interaction. Had everything organised including my riding buddy as when riding alone i have had a few close scrapes and do feel in some of the more remote locations that a buddy is essential just incase something goes pear shaped after all this is laos and in the jungle on your own things could go very wrong. My riding buddy as it turns out is not so much of a buddy as at the last minute has let me down with some crappy excuse.

    BASICALLY I HAVE NO FIRM PLANS BUT WOULD BE PICKING UP A 250 XTR FROM AN OPPERATOR IN VIETIANNE AND TAKE IT FROM THERE . IF ANYBODY IS PLANNING A SIMILAR TRIP OR IS THINKING THAT THEY COULD DO WITH A RIDING BUDDY THEN DROP ME A LINE. I drop into bangers on the 1st march so should be biked up and ready to roll anytime after about the 3rd march. Safety in numbers! No specific plans but would like to ride south as my trip to north last year was bloody frezing it gets cold up there and if i wanted cold i would stay in europe.

    Well thats it for now if your interested drop me a line.

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    I am interested for sure, might be too late though. I am in HCMC and will be coming in from Vietnam. Are you planning on doing the southern part of Laos.

    Anyway.....if I missed you, ride safe.

  4. Hi j what dates are you looking at ? south was my intention zig zag down country to 4000 islands with as little tarmac as possible. done a similar route before and it was awsome. whats a good way to get in contact? My only date i have to comply with is an date in hong kong for trade shows early april. 250 xtrs are agood bike for the job and with all gear are round 30 us dollars a day. can be one way can be round trip really best bet is to take it as it comes. PDR LAOS is not really a place that lends itself to planning ahead. drop me a line and we try to buck the laos trend and get a plan together. best regards nathan.
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