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    I have stated this before... many dodgy books come from Rayong and Chantaburi ...make sure the book is first issued in Bangkok or on the Bangkok computer system it can be transferred to another province later.
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    Wow! What a mess!..

    I sympathize with the guys caught. Sure, the very most of them are sincere... and are going to lose their bike or pay the fee.

    As many others, I guess, I'm on the way to buy a second hand bike, and scared me a little...

    Mmmmh, bad news...
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    Gobs... make sure the bike is on the Bangkok registration computer ..if it is your OK ..if its not then its likely u will have problems later on.
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    Is that a website or do you mean at the office?
    All of this has me worrying about my bike even though it is supposedly legal. I'm curious to see how it all works out because there are quite a few "legal" bikes involved in this "sting" which furthers my theory that all of our bikes are possibly susceptible to this.

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    I get the impression that there's a combination of factors at play-

    First you've got greedy corrupt cops looking to extort money and motorcyclists are always an easy target.

    Second we all know, as do the BiB, that a good percentage of big bikes in the Kindgom have dodgy books.

    As for people with 100% legit paperwork being hassled by the authorities I don't understand why they don't spend their money on attorneys rather than rewarding the bent coppers by paying their fines...

    I know if something like this happened to me I'd have my attorney deal with it. Once a fine has been paid good luck trying to get your money back!

    Happy trails!

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