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Luang Nam Tha Restaurants

Discussion in 'Restaurants - Laos' started by DavidFL, Feb 11, 2009.

    Eat at the Manychan

    Pepper steaks fit for a Captain (eh Slash?)
    But you gotta be quick
  2. I just showed the picture to the lady owner. It is a nice family business here. I do not eat beef, but ther are a lot of other choices :)
  3. Another plug for the Manychan

    Baked Fish (the remnants of it)with cheese & prawns + a Beer Lao.

    The Manychan is one of the highlights of Luang Nam Tha for me. :p
    Worth riding in up the Houei Xai - Luang Nam Tha road even.
  4. A Manychan breakfast

  5. Haha, but can you make the wine disappear as quickly as the food?
  6. Another plug for the Manychan

    With "Mrs Manchan" & her daughter-in-law.
    Mrs Manychan says that next year she is renovating & making big changes to the guesthouse & downsizing the restaurant side of biz.
  7. Manikong Bakery Café.

    Great food, drinks and service in Lauang Namtha.

    Very good range of food from Lao/Thai food, to sandwiches and cakes, which are all baked on the premises.

    Located opposite the entrance to the night market, a few doors up from Manychan.


    Great sandwiches to take on a ride.

    The best Lao/Thai food in town, with icy cold beer.

    Nice coffee and banana pancake for breakfast.

    The lovely cook came out to see if everything was ok.

    This place in a winner.

  8. The Manikong has doubled in size & probably has the best brekky in town now, I'd say.


    or, at least it gets my vote.

    They also sell the GTR Laos guide map.

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