Mae Tuen over the mountains to Mae Sot

Discussion in 'North Thailand GPS Tracks' started by Oddvar, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. Oddvar

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    Mae Tuen to Mae Sot.


    GPS Make / Model:- Photomate 887
    GPS Track Name:- Mae Tuen - 105/Mae Sot Tuen to Mae Sot.gpx?dl=1
    GPS Track Recorded by:- Oddvar
    Start :- Mae Tuen. End of 1099
    End:- Dirtroad/105
    Way Points:- 303
    Date :- 2013-5-20
    Season :- Rainy
    Conditions :- WET

    Other comments you would like to add:-
    The GPS ran out of power a few hundred meters before the end of the track.
    I left Mae Tuen around 4pm after a rain delay. I had 2 hours of driving in the dark before i came onto 105. I arrived Mae Sot at 10pm. Note to self: Start earlier. :crazy:
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