Mesh Jackets / Pants: Anyone Coming from USA / UK?

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Kiwi Cruiser, May 20, 2008.

  1. Kiwi Cruiser

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    I want to purchase some riding gear - an armoured mesh Jacket & Pants, maybe some boots. Seems like USA-based motorcycling websites either won't ship to Thailand, or charge outrageous International shipping fees. Then, theres the usurious local postal / customs fees, payable before collection... :(

    I am wondering is there is anyone coming from USA / UK who might take delivery of an order, and have room in a suitcase for a mesh jacket and pants? Any help would gratefully appreciated, and reciprocated on arrival here. :)


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  3. daewoo

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    I just bought a jacket and boots from riders discount... ... International Shipping $US25 on any size order... can't find if they ship to Thailand, but it is in the pop-up window in the checkout... also cheapest price when I compared the same items across a number of sites...

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    If anyone can get me a Teknic Supervent Pro Jacket in Black, size- 52, I'll make it worth their while.
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    $US206 + $US25 shipping from ... they don't list size 52 but you might get something if you email them...

    Same story from, but more expensive, and shipping much more expensive... still worth an email...

    These guys website say they have it ... epage.html for $US206, but their website says worldwide shipping would be $US60... send 'em an email and ask them to match the shipping price at ridersdiscount

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    I'm off to the UK between 7/6 and 21/6 and should be able to fit stuff in for you - pop by the shop to have a word. One thing though, UK will definitely be more expensive than USA.


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    double post

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