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    Preliminary Notice:

    The well known 'Monk on Horseback' made famous in the multi-award winning movie "Buddha's Lost Children" will be officiating at the ordination of 100 novices at the remote Tham Pa A Cha Thong (Golden Horse Wat) situated in the mountains just north of Mae Chan on 19th April starting at 9am.

    The monk, a retired Muay Thai champion, provides food, education & shelter to a multitude of young hilltribe boys made homeless or orphaned through the ravidges of poverty, drug abuse, human trafficking & prostitution riding on horseback throughout the remote mountains of Thailand & Burma.
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    I have a copy of (Buddha's Lost Children DVD) - there are 2 DVD's - one with the movie and the other one with all kinds of bits and pieces left over from the whole filming period. In case someone would like to borrow it just let me know. The screenshot of the map showing the location is her:


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