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Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - Road Trip Reports' started by optionized, Oct 3, 2008.

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    Hi there!

    currently I'm living in Singapore and before I depart to Germany at beginning of next year I want to make a motorbike rip across Northern Thailand in December. My starting point will be Chiang Mai.

    Traveling with a group would be more fun I guess, rather than traveling alone. Hence, I would like to know if someone is in the region those days so that we could get in contact and maybe ride together.

    btw. I'm open for extended journeys until end of january in countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and so forth. Alone, however, I would not do an extended trip since the risk appear to high for a traveler doesnt know the region.

    See you


    btw. I'am male 24, originally from Germany and will trust on a Honda XR 250 Baja :)
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  3. chiangsaen.peter

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    I am a retired Swiss living outside Chiang Mai, in Samkamphaeng. I am riding a trusty AfricaTwin. Recently I have changed my ownership papers on my name, which makes border crossing into Laos easy, eg. less difficult.
    I am planning to start in Chiang khong, cross over the Mekong by ferry to Huay Xai and then use or charter a boat on the ways to Luang Prabang. In the former royal capital I would like to spend a few days and then travel down over the mountains to Vientchiang. Drop me a line. Cheers, peter
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    I'm just curious. Why would you want to use the boat to L. Prabang now? With the new roads finished it is fast and still beautiful scenery. Much more to see and do than being stuck on the boat.
  6. chiangsaen.peter

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    Thanks Silver, I got the idea and must find some recent tour reports in the forum. Got to buy Dave's map LAOS too.

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