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  1. DavidFL

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    Breakfast for David Unk at the Pai Country, opposite Baan Pai restaurant
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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    My favourite night time Thai restaurant is Ban Pai Terrace

    a large open air restaurant with a very extensive menu.
    But the food is generally good, service slow if not hit & miss, but it's a great spot for watching Pai city life at night time go by.
    In High season they also have live music - folks songs.


    A busy night with lots of Chinese tourists

    A deserted low season street view of the main street in Pai.

    = it's a very good time to pop out to Pai now!

    a very cool spot

    good for coffee, shakes & cakes / pies.


    Papaya & Coconut Shake


    Apple crumble


    30 metres diagonally opposite the Witching Well
    Live music - accoustic guitar


    & still busy on a quiet low season.
    I didn't eat there, but maybe next trip...


    full of back packers & looked damn inviting, if only there was some space.

    Pop on out to Pai for a look around. Its low season, the air & roads are clean, plus there's little traffic out there.
    Pai is changing very rapidly & generally it's for the better - more upmarket places, with more discerning Asian urban tourists.
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  4. Oddvar

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    That's my favourite restaurant too. I like to stay at TTK guesthouse down the road.
    And low season is the best time to go to Pai.

  5. ZCM

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    Im not much of a fast food fan, but if you fancy a burger fix i really recommend Maya Burger Queen.
    Home made chunky chips and good burgers with fresh baked buns from a local bakery.
    The owner is Mai and she works really hard and takes pride in her shop. Her partner David is a really nice man too.
    Great atmosphere (however, it is an outside/fan for those who are looking for a cool pit stop on a day trip etc, you may be not enjoy having no air con).
    I dont recall the prices, sorry, but i think around the 120 baht mark..more or less.
    Her facebook page here:
    Note: they do not open until the afternoon. 2pm. and they are open until 10pm.
  6. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Small House Pub & Restaurant

    an after work hang out for the locals. No tourists.

    Nice low key atmosphere

    Live music Friday & Saturday nights


    The owner Thai James (Bond - his Mum's nickname idea) owns a Honda CB400SS

    Worth checking out.
    Location the main street, left hand side, 200 metres before PTT heading out of town.
    Worth checking out if you want to hang out with the locals in a non touristy scene.
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  7. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Barista Cafe
    250 metres from the bus station, towards the river

    Why I go - the Hazlenut Latte
    A flavour & taste out of this world

    + Interesting characters

    and incredible Ham Cheese "Sandwiches"
    the bread from a Muslim baker in town & so so delicious.

    Plus a regular farang breakfast

    Run by Ken, the guitarist & his wife.
    Ken often plays at Bebop or Buffalo Hill

    Highly recommended just for the Hazlenut Latte + Ham Cheese "sandwich."
    My first stop in Pai & usually before the hotel check in, it is that good!
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  8. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Top 5 Cafe
    GTR - IMG_5925.JPG

    for a super brekky + good coffee
    GTR - IMG_5924.JPG
    poached eggs + avocado ++

    Easy going dining
    GTR - IMG_5926.JPG
    Happy Service
    GTR - IMG_5928.JPG

    Just a few doors away from Ken's Corazon Barista Cafe.
    The same street as the bus station & towards the river, opposite Wat Pa Kham
    GPS Waypoint: N19 21.531 E98 26.622
  9. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    The Nong Beer
    one of Pai's oldest most popular restaurants
    Situated on the corner by the traffic lights going to Mae Hong Son / the hospital.
    A big open air restaurant. Lots of tables
    Popular with Chinese & Thais

    Very generous servings. Cheap, fresh & top value

    A snack - enough cashew nuts for a few big bottles of beer.

    The Nong Beer is on the GTR Pai City map
    Hit it some time.
  10. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    With the demise of the Bebop Pub in Pai, all the good blues musicians now play at the Mojo Cafe.

    Open air & a very easy going atmosphere

    A good bluesy singer

    plus some top guitar work


    these guys know how to play, have fun & cook up a storm.
    The music is only live 9-11PM, out of respect for the neighbours.
    Closed on Mondays.

    Location in the lane parallel to the river
    GPS: N19.35816 E98.44460

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