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    A good place to stay in Pak Beng is the Sivong Sack Guest house.
    Turn right at the river, and Its up the lower dirt road about 300 meters on the right.
    Also has great restaurant with very good food, and is ran by a nice young family.
    They will lock your bike up in the restaurant, or you can take it into the guesthouse foyer. All the ferrys arrive in Pak Beng around 5pm, so get there before then or you will find it hard to get a room any were.

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    BKC - (ex Santisouk)

    a nice row of rooms riverside


    The river view
    Fan Aircon rooms
    Nice beds
    Top water pressure - more than the hot water system can keep up with.

    150,000 kip a night = 560 baht a night.
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