Pirelli Scorpion Trail for Kawasaki Versus (used)

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy and Sell' started by FaraGit, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. FaraGit

    FaraGit Ol'Timer

    No more than 3000km from new. Excellent light trail tire with good tarmac performance but I've been looking for something a little more capable. K60s never in stock and my preferred choice so I've just bought the MT60s. Bike is in service so I will upload pics tomoz.

    No decent offer refused
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  3. jimbobs

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    Hi i have sent a PM
  4. Phrafarang

    Phrafarang Member

    Still available?
  5. FaraGit

    FaraGit Ol'Timer

    Still available


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