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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Harry Sheene, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Harry Sheene

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    I have an immaculate Ducati 996 that I brought from Motozone a couple of years back. Same old story, these farang scum, sold me the bike, which has a number, but the book just never showed up. Is it wise for me to try and re-register it? I am just worried that somebody out there may still be the legal owner and although I have the receipt for full payment, I'd rather look at it in the living room than loose it, even if it means never riding the thing......
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  3. HIKO

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    Hi Harry

    If the bike has a black/white plate check where it is registered (any Thai can see that from the plate) Then contact the Verification Center in that province either through an agent or by your self and ask for the details of the bike including ownership. If the plate is a total bogus, just taken from any bike then the plate has nothing to do with your bike, if the plate is stolen from a similiar bike (which I don't really believe) then just give back the plate to the owner. If the plate belongs to the bike then Motozone have in fact paid the registration but for some reason not delivered the book to you. The book may arrive sometimes one month later than the plate. If the plate is in no way connected to your bike you will have to find the invoices for your frame and engine from Motozone and then start the procedure again leaving you paying something like 60-80 thousand baht to get the book in maybe 6 month. Bad luck but Motozone had beautiful Internet pages......

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  4. Harry Sheene

    Harry Sheene Active Member

    Thanks Hiko, I have had the bike for a couple of eyars. She is immaculate and beautiful....... I will take your advice..

    many thanks

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