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    Just a note of recommendation for Lee and Mr Bike Rental ( ) . I was flying in from the UK and needed to arrange a good quality motorbike unseen and in advance for a fairly long two week tour of Cambodia. The Honda Baja 250 I rented was delivered to my hotel exactly as described - in excellent condition and well maintained and serviced. Mr Lee sent photos in advance. I had no problems at all with the bike through two weeks of travel on very difficult roads at times. Lee is an honest and approachable man who speaks very good english and was always helpful. Minor damage to the bike that I caused - broken headlights etc. were charged at a very reasonable rate - lower than the original replacement/shipped price and was very fair.

    I wish Lee all the best for his business and recommend his motorbikes and service over many others that I have seen available in Cambodia.

    Morgan, UK
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  3. uk_morgan

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    if you want to rent a motorcycle, the direct call or delivery arrangement should be made so that there will be hidden commission fee on motor taxi or tuk tuk driver. those people can call and ask the service provide to overcharge.
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    mrbikerental rocks!!! Lee is the man!!!
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    I know Mr. Lee, he is a mate of mine here, and one of the sweetest blokes you can hire from, he is the doggy's danglers when it comes to service and support. I would reccommend him to anyone coming over for a ride. He has started small, but if he carries on like he has been, his shop is destined to be one of the best in Phnom Penh.
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    nbt, read muddymick on bikes brought across the countries.

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