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Rides Around Pattaya And Rayong

Discussion in 'Eastern Thailand Motorcycle Trip Report Forum' started by sharpeyes, Jun 27, 2016.

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    Great days riding north of Pattaya and Rayong . Waterfalls and Temples . Great roads around Bo Thong and Tha Kapiep area .

  2. What size box did you get on the bank?
    Is it a Givi?
  3. Hola . Yes its a Givi approx 35 litre . 3400 baht . Mityon Pattaya
    Panniers 1100 baht from Jacketboy
  4. Cant load pics of panniers ?
  5. If the photos are on your phone you should be able to upload them direct to the forum.
  6. Hola , pics are on phone . Just tried .upload a file . ?
  7. Yes, that's the right way.

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