Serious Off-Road Dirtbiking??

Discussion in 'Laos Road Trip Reports' started by apsara, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. apsara

    apsara New Member

    My buddy and I will be in Laos for two weeks. We would like some advice on good off road trails, not so much dirt roads, gravel, etc. We have been riding in Cambodia for years and like the "Kings Highway" ox-cart trail type of riding. (village to village) Any and all advice on routes, would be greatly apreciated! Thanks
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  3. Auke

    Auke Ol'Timer

    Contact Bill in Sihanoukville as he, for as far as I know, is planning a dirt trip in Laos in January or so along the Ho Chi Minh Trail
  4. bill

    bill Ol'Timer

    There's a few people from Sihanoukville planning trips to Laos for Jan/Feb. Enquire at Marlin Hotel if your in town.

    On GT-rider, recent trip reports by Jimoi and Mat.ward will have a lot of info you're looking for.
  5. jimoi

    jimoi Ol'Timer

    I'm off on a 7 - 10 day trip around the end of January as well with Rheikel, Craypot and 2 other good riders, we'll ride bits of the HCM trail and a little more.

    email me and let me know what you are up to and what difficulty you are looking for, there is a lot here, south and north and even some good rips near to VTE.

    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  6. apsara

    apsara New Member

    Thanks for the reply's. Jim, I'll give you an e-mail.

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