Somsak Mining - Pilok Kanchanaburi

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    Somsak Mining - Remote Pilok Kanchanaburi..

    The ride report is in progress here :-

    Kanchanaburi Baan Ricky - Te 300 Explorer

    Tin mine becomes Tourism gold mine
    Peerawat Jariyasombat

    On the western border, Thong Pha Phum is a pleasant and easy place to hide out.

    Someone shouted "Here we are" as the four-wheel-drive truck approached the hilltop where a wooden sign was perched – and I was really glad to hear those words after half-an-hour of bumpy road.

    But when the truck got close to the sign, I found it read: "Steep, rough road 4WD only. Welcome to Somsak Mining." There was also an arrow sign, pointing down into the deep valley.

    "Hold on tight, we are going down. It is just 20 minutes away," the driver laughed, as he once again tackled the bumpy road.

    In fact, it's not really a road. It's just rocky terrain along which our truck had to creep and climb carefully through the dense jungle."

    Getting away from it all

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    Road to Somsak Mining is steep as hell...I went there by truck and it was scary.
    Well done Brian!
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    Video never does it justice .. when it comes to how steep a track is.
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    The Adrenalin Man.
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