Tachileik-Mae Sai Border Crossing

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    Hi All

    I am interested to know what is required to cross into Burma at the Tachileik-Mae Sai Border Crossing.

    With the following: Singapore owned and registered Bike,Malaysian owned and registered Bike and a Thai rental bike.

    Is anyone able to share their experience and knowledge.

    My interest is to go for a short ride. Do I need a fixer/Guide? If so....any advice and how much?

    It is possible that I have looked in the wrong places within this site.

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  3. It was quite easy in the past to enter for 14 days the Shanstaates, also with vehicles. But last week I tried it again and it has been changed badly.
    14 days for the person is still possible. But you need a guide, if you want to leave the Tachilek area. Costs 1000 THB/day. You must tell this the Imigration at the border first. You can NOT!! change your mind after a few days. in this case you have to leave Myanmar again and come back. But you can stay 14 days only in Tachilek without a guide (but who wants this?). We were by Thai registered car and this is only possible in Tachilek for longest 3 days. It was against their rules to drive a car by forengners, but I did. Only my Thai wife should drive the car. You need a few copies from the owner´s ID and the carbook. 30 THB here, another 10 there and again 30 somewhere else.
    For only driving on the ugly Tachilek market and beyond the procedure is not value.
    But I´m very sure, they´ll open the country for tourists in the future. Burma, specialy the Shanstaates are really very beautiful and lovely.
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    Thanks GPSThe requirement for a guide applies to all tourists regardless of transportation mode?Confirm that the bike is restricted to Tachilek only even if you were to have a guide?Apologies if I did not unstand correctly. Ok now.....When get in with my bike and a guide any recommendations on what to do and see?Cheers
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    Ok ....I did get go into Tachilek by using a guide. Very quick and easy.As the previous post states 30 baht here 20 there......plus the 1000 baht per day for the guide.....all good and happy to pay it. I had get my bike stamped out and back into Thailand. So it was certainly worth my time. My Burmese guide was very good as well his english was awesome. I could understand him better than many people that english as a first language. Next crossing will be at the Chiang Khong check point. Another day another adventure.
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    For a night in Tachilek with your bike check out this one


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