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  1. Hudaji

    Hudaji New Member

    Now I forget where I read this,but is that correct that when taking a bike from Thailand to Cambodia you only get a 1 (one) month "visa/exit permit" for it?If so,how is it possible to get (for example) a 6 month "visa/exit permit?
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  3. sydneycraig

    sydneycraig Ol'Timer

    anyone have recent info on this?? i would ideally like 3 months export of my thai scooter...into cambodia then up into laos and back into thai at savanakhette
  4. phuketrichard

    phuketrichard Ol'Timer

    I have taken my car into Cambodia a few times and they do only LEGALLY allow 30 days out pf Thailand, 3 times i was over, ( once was 2 months out, once was 4 months , once was 9) each time they asked why i stayed out an just told them ( crossing back at Osmach, Poi Pet and Pailin) that i liked Cambodia, Once i told them the car broke down an had to wait on parts.

    NO problem

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