The most dangerous race in the world - The Isle of man TT

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by ronwebb, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. ronwebb

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  3. johngooding

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    Thanks for the link Ron. Very enjoyable video.
  4. Joelthailand

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    I recently watched this film/documentary about the TT......10/10 well made, exciting viewing & very interesting!! :thumbup: (available on all the usual torrent sites)

  5. Sharktooth

    Sharktooth Active Member

    completely agree! This is brilliant video/documentary/movie
  6. Rhodie

    Rhodie Ol'Timer

    Good find Ron, thank you for posting.
    AJ still make old-school docos that have substance - see their report on the Hmong Laos resistance.

    This film is a good follow-on to TT3D - Closer to the Edge as rightly mentioned above, which imho is one of the best racing bike docos up there with On Any Sundays and Dust to Glory.
    Guy Martin who appears in this AJ film has two unique talents - racing -when he's on form- and running his mouth. A shame he doesn't take a note of Huthinson's performance in 2010's TT -who is the quiet man in the film TT3D- and went on to break the TT record by winning 5 TT races in the same week. Being the self-proclaimed "Maverick" doesn't make a winner which is a a pity as he has the talent but not the focus.
    The newbie racer AJ follows illustrates both the danger and the steep learning curve but also the spirit and ethos of the TT races.

    Remind me before we next meet up Ron, as I have some good DVDs on Joey "Yer Maun" Dunlop, Mike the Bike Hailwood and the centenary year of the TT races, if you are interested.
  7. ronwebb

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    Love all that stuff Rhodie, anything TT or Hailwood touches a button.
  8. jimbobs

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    That was excellent really enjoyed that,,Ime in Mexico working at the moment i watched it with some Mexicans in work they where really impressed that we would have suck a thing near blightey ,,GOOD STUFF
  9. Joelthailand

    Joelthailand Ol'Timer

    Really enjoyed the Aljezeera production, good to see the The Isle of man TT in a rookie riders point of view. :p

    Going off topic a little here, with the over paid poncy MotoGP riders (only compared only to TT!! I downloaded this film/docemntory called "Fastest" last week & it's a very good watch if your into bike racing. Starring Valentino Rossi with the full story to date of him chasing his tenth World Championship. :thumbup:

  10. blackb15

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    I went to the TT first 1976 then last 10 years in a row thought it was a really good film. I think john McGuiness is a really excellent racer and TT champion and seems really nice bloke.The TT is a unique experience and defiantly one for the bucket list iyf youve never been.
    safe riding
  11. ronwebb

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    Took your advice Paul and booked for 2014. Already too late for 2013!

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