The New GT Rider Bike on the Mae Hong Son Loop

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    What's that you say a new GT Rider bike? Well yep, sort of - after a mere 240,000 kms she's had a new paint job.

    Parked up at home in the shade before the loop

    In the thick fog on R1095 en route to Pai
    It was 40 Celsius + when I left home & you would have never anticipated riding in pea soup like this!
    And what a welcome relief it was from the heat.

    Aha, 3 days later...... now you can see something.

    On R108 south of Mae Hong Son at the Mae Samat dam viewpoint

    Smart & clean she is

    I even got a bit carried away to get the bash plate & muffler protector polished / chromed.

    The good stuff: R108 bends & the bike

    The price: a mere 4,500 baht & well worth it. Go see Nat at the Piston Shop in Chiang Mai if you want a good cheap value for money paint job.
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    Lookin Good David! 8)
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    How much was the croming job?
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    Bling Bling ! :wink:

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    240,000 kms ??? :shock: wow!!!

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