the versys is money well spent

Discussion in 'Central Thailand Road Trip Reports' started by jimbobs, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. jimbobs

    jimbobs Ol'Timer

    Its not a fast bike but its sound and safe...been riding 25 years and never had a bike thats so controllable
    Ime far from the best jockey on this forum best bike i have ever owned.....
    Made in Thailand ...built for Thai roads...BOSS BIKE...
    I WANT THE Z800 ...never rated the kwaka i do now
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  3. yychow0812

    yychow0812 Ol'Timer

    Glad you like it. I'm having super fun with mine as well. I might be down your way sometime around Christmas (Yasothon area). Would like to go for a ride but as far as I know, not too many twisties there?
  4. jimbobs

    jimbobs Ol'Timer

    Ime afraid ime back in mexico working again.i will not be home till feb..have a good christmas and be safe

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