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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by HIKO, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. HI

    While surfing in internet I found some interesting vehicles for PICO-PICO when he decides to get rid of his Silver Wing three Wheler








  2. Hiko, I had tears in my eyes when I saw these beauties, I ´d love to own them all !!
    My Sao wants to open a P.I.C.O SIDE...CAR MUSEUM anyhow,

    Tears because I have vivid memories of my first car ever,
    a BMW Isetta, built in 1954

    as you see it was even used by the German police. ... uche&gbv=2

    Its particular and absolutely unique sex appeal was

    1. the door opened to the front,
    2. the bench was wide enough to seat 3, the driver and , at times , 2 female passengers.
    3. the gear shift was on the driver´s side, nothing disturbing between driver and passenger
    4. because of the small size of the vehicle the windows would fog in in no time, no curtains required.

    Thanks for bringing back fond and long forgotten memories.
  3. this could be me, at the time.
    I was a trainee at a bank then, dressed this way. ... rant_3.jpg

    One day I was chased off the banks own parking because I had a huge poster glued over the door.
    It was a truckers protest poster against higher road taxes, it read=


    I didnt mean to join truckers with my funny car, but the bank took it politically.

    What I saw was the humor and so did thounds of people, they broke into loud laughters when they saw my TRUCK coming.

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