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Triumph Scrambler

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by ronwebb, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have or know of a Triumph Scrambler for sale?
  2. I doubt You will find any 2nd Hand Triumphs of the Classic range for Sale? I Have never seen any? Lots of the Other Model Triumphs though like the Street Triple etc? Once People Buy the Classic they tend to just keep them? So there You Go Ron, You will just have to Buy a New one!!! I heard there isn't many new ones available as they have already Sold about 6 in Chiang Mai alone since their New Shop opened!!! Pretty Popular!!! Good Luck.
  3. Andy at Brit Bike in Phuket has a new one for sale,

  4. Thanks stubzi. There were also two at Khun Tu's Brit Bike shop in CNX, one black and one green. Well now they only have the black one.
    Your comment is spot on Ian. If you trawl US, GBR and Aus sites looking for a second hand Scrambler, what you will find is exactly the kind of comment you made. There are no used ones for sale and the response on threads to people looking for one are replied by folk saying that owners do not sell these bikes. A few Bonnies about, the older ones, but that's about it for the Triumph classics. Easy to find second hand Street Triples etc but not the classics. Not sure what to make of that.
  5. "Easy to find second hand Street Triples etc but not the classics. Not sure what to make of that."
    Easy Answer: They are Classics, Look Great, Sound Fantastic and are a lot of Fun!!!
    "Well now they only have the black one."
    So this would Suggest You brought the Green one Ron??? Come on Mate, Show Us some Photos and give Us a report!!! Hope You love it and look forward to Riding with You soon!

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