WTD Honda TLR250 or Yamaha TY250 '80s

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy and Sell' started by gobs, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    Wanted Honda TLR 250 (or TLR 250R) or Yamaha TY250. Models of the '80s.
    Bike in good running condition. "Rather" good cosmetic condition but not "fully" required...

    Bike at a fair price, indeed!

    Some pics would be appreciated.

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  3. DirtBikeMike

    DirtBikeMike Ol'Timer

    Very rare now, especially in Thailand,,i have seen a coulpe tlm 2 strokes, but in need of restoration in bkk, around 10-15k baht
  4. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    I'm served now!


    Thanks to all for your visits!


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