Xam Nuea loop from Thailand

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    GPS Track Name: Xam Nuea loop from Thailand
    Track recorded by: Jurgen Chopard
    Start : Chiang Klang (Nan)
    End: Chiang Khong/ Houei Xai
    Way Points: none
    Date : November 2011
    Season : cool
    Conditions : morning mist in the mountains, some rain
    Links to trip reports :

    Comments: 8 days (slow pace) itinerary, mostly on mountain roads, all paved, some potholed

    Individual tracks for each day.

    1. Departure from Chiang Klang (Nan), crossing the border at Muang Ngeun and till Oudom Xai

    2. Oudom Xai to Luang Prabang

    3. Luang Prabang to Phonsavanh

    4. Phonsavanh to Sam Nuea and Vieng Xai

    5. San Nuea to Vieng Thong

    6. Vieng Thong to Nong Khiev

    7. Nong Khiev to Luang Namtha


    8. Luang Namtha to Chiang Khong (crossing the border at Houei Xai)


    Attached files 1 klang oudom.gpx (879.4 KB) 2 oudom LPG.gpx (929.8 KB) 3 LPG Phonsavan.gpx (527.2 KB) 4 Phonsavan Viengxai.gpx (634.7 KB) 5 Samnuea Viengthong.gpx (683.4 KB) 6 Viengthong Oudom.gpx (685.1 KB) 7 Oudom LNT.gpx (949 KB) 8 LNT Chiang.gpx (753.3 KB)
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