Cardomons- Koh Kong, Osoam and Smugglers trail


Mar 29, 2004
A couple of people have asked for my old gps tracks for

:Koh Kong to Osoam and Waterfall (someone reckons Waterfall got exploded for dam construction)

:Koh Kong to Sre Ambel via Smugglers Trail

They were recorded in Mar 2010.

As for the road conditions/ existence of trails now, I have no idea.

This month, Jan 2014, some friends tried to use the Koh Kong to Osoam gps track posted here. Part of its overgrown and now impassable.
There is a detour around the impassable section but I dont have that gps track to post here.

The Smugglers Trail gps track is still ok as of Dec 2013 when some friends went through.

Attached files Koh Kong to Srae Ambel via Smugglers Trail 13-03-2010.gpx (402.7 KB) Osoam to Koh Kong via waterfall 12-03-2010.gpx (508.1 KB)