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Back home in Chiang Khong again after another week away for medical tests & carpal tunnel syndrome surgery.
I have just spent A month riding around northern Thailand with various bikes
Cb500X CM to MHS, handled OK but for worn rear tyre, a bit heavier than My KLX but smoother with comfortable seating for 2 up
NR 700 Auto
Very weird, no clutch or gear leaver, with paddle shift or full auto, sport mode was good with better engine braking,
CM to CR 2 up then CR to CM solo and had some fun. Weird but a lot of fun
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If you had to buy one bike the for touring the North, which one would it be.
Hi everyone. Just finished a 10 day motorcycle tour in Vietnam. Loved it. Looking for companies running multi day tours (7-10 days) in Cambodia. I've found lots of scooters and only 1 company with bigger bikes at $5500 Australian dollars. Was hoping to find something in the middle.
Road bikes only.
Cheers Shaun
Thanks for registering me. Thanks for this picture made by Captain Slash. I hope he is still with us. This picture means a lot for the Karen people who fled into Thailand at this checkpoint in 1997. May I use it non-commercially?
Thanks in advance for your time

Pu Nam Rawn checkpoint jan 2009-bijschrift.jpg
Hi mike how are you I hope everything is ok.I am in Chiang rai one day I will come to see you phayao. The scooter I keep in Phuket and I can found sameone there will do the job.
Or other way if we miss next days we will see Chiang khan
Ciao Luca