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Sick for 3 weeks with a head cold & flu, picked up on the first day of Hmong New Year! Hopefully recovered in the next 48 hours & back on the road.


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Hi all
Just back from a new try to cross to lao via puh doo, still it don't work on Lao side as there's no facility for visa on arrival
-as David experienced lately-
... Anyway, it was a bit ment as a cb500x touring Uttaradit & Nan. And I can tell you-
The ever wonderful road from Bo bia to Sali, nr "1243" is newly paved. (compared to 2019)
A great speed road, wonderful views, no traffic, quite new paved
We reopened our restaurant (Mon and Kurt's) in Chiang Dao, a few blocks from our old restaurant. Bungalow, camping, hot showers. GPS coordinates: 19°23'32"N 98°58'03"E Note: Phone before coming. (099-579-7392) We are both riders, too and are often not home. We do mostly take-out and delivery. Meals at our place will have to be pre-ordered by phone, to ensure fresh ingredients and great taste!
Back home in Chiang Khong again after another week away for medical tests & carpal tunnel syndrome surgery.
Kurt Gruen
Kurt Gruen
Hi David. Mon and I, are riding up to Chiang Khong, for the music festival on Dec 2nd. Any cheap, clean rooms you can recommend up there? If you have a contact number for them, that would be great. (around 400 Baht with aircon)
I have just spent A month riding around northern Thailand with various bikes
Cb500X CM to MHS, handled OK but for worn rear tyre, a bit heavier than My KLX but smoother with comfortable seating for 2 up
NR 700 Auto
Very weird, no clutch or gear leaver, with paddle shift or full auto, sport mode was good with better engine braking,
CM to CR 2 up then CR to CM solo and had some fun. Weird but a lot of fun
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If you had to buy one bike the for touring the North, which one would it be.