Monthly GT Rider Chiang Mai City Dinners

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  1. Monthly GT Rider Dinners

    Ladies & guys, as David mentioned above, we discussed in sometimes making a change of the venue, so this time I'm gonna organise this one as follows:
    Date/Time: Wednesday 6th of October 2010 // 19:30
    Venue/Road: "Bahn Kaeow Hian Come Restaurant" // Cholprathan Road
    How to get there: The Restaurant is Thai and also the yellow sign is only in Thai but very easy to find.
    It is exactly opposite the Sirinat Hotel (Cholprathan Road Southbound direction 500 meters after junction with Suthep Road,this is the Hotel where the annual Chiang Mai Bikeweek takes place) on the Northbound lane. Careful, Suthep Road-not to Doi Suthep is the one south of Huay Kaew Road-the one to Doi Suthep, just a warning that no one mixes the 2.
    As there is hardly any foreign food, I will have them prepare something like a buffet; therefor I would like you to post if you come and how many persons as then everything should be perfect. Foodcosts should be divided by numbers of persons attending, drinks everyone pays his/her consumption.
    Many thanks for your plenty answers & see you on Wednesday, cheers, Franz
  2. Count me in.
    1. Franz
    2. David Unk
  3. Exciting to go and taste food in a Thai restaurant selected by a farang who speaks perfect Thai and ought to know some extraordinary places. I am only interested in Thai food. Perhaps "Bahn Kaeow Hian Come Restaurant" will be the place where I actually taste a difference in the generally good cooking.

    We will be 2 persons
    Thanks for organizing Franz!!


    PS: the 2nd person will be my Permanent Pillion of female nature. I could talk her only into coming arguing that

    1. some others of the same sex will show up

    2. and even if the vast majority will be men, she is by no means shy off, those :crazy: will talk
    not exclusively about motorbikes :angel: :think: :thumbup: :roll:
  4. Hi Franz,
    I will be there, 7.30pm on Wednesday. Coming alone at this moment in time.
    As for not talking about motorbikes, hmm, do my best.
  5. Hi Khun Franz,

    Count me in. Khun Boua is coming along this time.
    That's makes two complicated fellow guests who won't eat meat. As long there is fish, prawns, squid that will be fine...
    Not talking motorbikes; no problem. Let's talk about politics instead and have a good heated argument over dinner..
    Thanks for taking the time to organize this Franz
    See you there...
  6. Bahn Kaeow Hian



    Location Opposite the Sirinart Hotel.
    Just north of the Banana Tree, where Happy Go Lucky sings, for those of you who know Meow & "the Banana."
    Heading south along the canal road, you need to go past the Sirinart & the Banana Tree to make a U-turn then head back North to the Bahn Kaeow Hian.

    Lousy snaps, but just so you know what the place looks like.
  7. Hi David,Count me in for myself and Noi tommorrow night.The venue looks good.

    I have to admit I dont know much about Thai politics so we may just have to talk about bikes if all else fails!! :happy5:
  8. Guys, happy to attend but as a result of a recent medical condition and treatment I am no longer able to eat anything even remotely spicy. That includes the overuse of salt,pepper and of course MSG along with chili of any sort or amount.
    If they can handle that I'm in.
  9. GPS Waypoint: N18 46.904 E98 57.476
    Ban Kaeo Huean Kham alternative spelling.
  10. Oh you mean on the canal road coming out from Don Payom market towards Mae Hia indeed opposite where the last 2 bike weeks have been and just after the first available crossing of the canal!! Well why didn't you say ?

    See you there - I'll talk about dogs!

  11. The Kiwi Cruiser will also be down from Chiang Rai.
    Not sure about his "better half" though...
  12. Thanks for all replies, will wait until tomorrow early afternoon and then have to tell them how many guys & gals are coming.
    Went there yesterday with David for some yummies and to prebook and also preorder so anything runs smooth.
    JohnnyE don't worry, we will be able to tell them to prepare something special for you without 'prik chee noo, pongchuelote and other spices'.
    Ron, don't worry it's a Thai Restaurant and inexpensive, food's good, I go there since years and hope to be able also to use my discountcard for all of you for food.
    I asked them to prepare always Thai dishes for 4 and in agreement with David we asked for:
    moo daet deeow - gaeng som chaom goong - pla chon rai gahng - gai laow daeng - steak mueang - khao phat poo......
    See you all tomorrow, regards, franz
  13. I agree. I would rather support someone I know and a fellow rider, but I will be there for tomorrow.
  14. Ill be coming and possibly Well if she can sneak away from the shop
  15. Alex will be there. sorry franz to do a last minute one, if no more food, i'll drink only. see u. :thumbup:
  16. Alex, don't worry enough food for everyone.
    Now we are 17 as Ben+1 will not come.
    Guys when you arrive turn into the parking lot and park your bikes in front of the Restaurant on the asphalt, asked them to keep this area for us.
    see u at 19:30, rgds, Franz
  17. img_9747.



    Thank you one & all who came.
    Excellent venue & food - perfect choice Franz. :clap:

    Next one should be the 1ST GT RIDER RENDEZVOUS RIDE up-country on
    SATURDAY 23Rd October.
    at a town to be decided.

    Then the next one "2 weeks" after that
    7.30PM WEDNESDAY 3rd November
    a dinner back in Chiang Mai city at a venue to be decided.
  18. We both liked it very much last night, the food was of very good quality and some extraordinary stuffed fish which we hadn't tasted before. I think the idea to change venue , i.e. scenery is important, there are so many things to see , to experience, why get stuck, either with one location or one type of food.

    In the beginning the music was distracting, but it seemed that communication was good after each one found his/her rhythm. The ability to move around more freely than at Miguel's certainly helped.

  19. Looks like you guys had a fun(again)
    nice to see so many familiar faces and some new as well there,,,,,

    im working n my plan to ride up to you guys soon...
  20. To help plan ahead a little


    Sat 16th October Thumper Ride
    Sat 23rd October GT Rider Rendezvous Dinner Up Country - Mae Chaem

    Wed 3rd Nov GT Rider Chiang Mai City Dinner.
    Sun 7th Nov Samoeng Loop & Final MotoGP & BBQ @ X-Centre.
    Sat 20th Nov GT Rider Rendezvous Dinner Up Country.
    Sun 21st Nov Loy Krathong.
    Sat 27th Nov TJ MHS Loop Memorial Ride.

    Wed 1st Dec GT Rider Chiang Mai City Dinner.
    Sun 5th Dec King Birthday.
    Mon 6th Dec Public Holiday in lieu of Kings Birthday 5th Dec.
    Frid 10th Dec Constitution Day.
    Saturday 18th Dec GT Rider Rendezvous Dinner Up Country.
    Wed 29th Dec GT Rider Chiang Mai City Dinner.
    Frid 31st Dec New Years Eve Holiday 31st – 3rd

    JANUARY 2011
    Sat 1st- Mon 3rd Jan New Year Holidays
    Sat 15th Jan GT Rider Rendezvous Dinner Up Country.
    Wed 26th Jan GT Rider Chiang Mai City Dinner.

    FEBRUARY 2011
    Thurs 3rd Feb Chinese New Year. Lisu New Year.
    Sat 12th Feb GT Rider Rendezvous Dinner Up Country.
    Sun 20th Feb Chiang Mai Toy Ride.
    Wed 23rd Feb GT Rider Chiang Mai City Dinner.

    MARCH 2011
    Sat 12th Mar GT Rider Rendezvous Dinner Up Country.
    Wed 23rd Mar GT Rider Chiang Mai City Dinner.

    APRIL 2011
    Sat 9th Apr GT Rider Rendezvous Dinner Up Country.
    Wed 20th Apr GT Rider Chiang Mai City Dinner.

    MAY 2011
    Sat 7th May GT Rider Rendezvous Dinner Up Country.
    Wed 18th May GT Rider Chiang Mai City Dinner.

    JUNE 2011
    Sat 4th June GT Rider Rendezvous Dinner Up Country.

    • Mae Chaem – Teen Tok festival April?
    • Mae Sarieng – Sunflowers November.
    • Khun Yuam – Sunflowers November. Too busy.
    • Soppong – Lahu New Year?
    • Chiang Dao
    • Tha Ton
    • Doi Mae Salong – Sakura flowers Feb / March?
    • Thoed Thai – Sunflowers& hilltribe festival November. Shan New Year? Hilltribe Dum Hua & Poi Sang Long April.
    • Golden Triangle – Mekong boat racing April.
    • Chiang Saen – Mekong boat racing April.
    • Chiang Kham – Tai Lue festival March?
    • Pua – fighting beetle festival?
    • Chiang Khong

    • Nan
    • Phayao
    • Mae Hong Son
    • Pai
    • Chiang Rai
    • Phrae
    • Lampang

    Comments & suggestions are welcome. :wave:

    For Up-Country Rendezvous Dinners go here
    Wed 3rd Nov GT Rider Chiang Mai City Dinner.
    Sun 7th Nov Samoeng Loop & Final MotoGP & BBQ @ X-Centre.
    Sat 20th Nov GT Rider Rendezvous Dinner Up Country.
    Sun 21st Nov Loy Krathong.
    Sat 27th Nov TJ MHS Loop Memorial Ride.

    Wed 3rd November at a farang restaurant in Chiang Mai city.
    Details coming.... :wave:
    The restaurant: Franco-Thai


    For those cartographically challenged
    GPS Waypoint: N18 47.841 E98 58.935

    The soi behind Icon
    go straight ahead "North"

    At the sign
    turn right

    The entrance

    The restaurant


    The bar

    Franco Thai has a reputation for succulent inexpensive steaks & is one of the hidden (for non francophiles) gems of Chiang Mai.

    You can look at the menu yourself & order your own food when you get there. :)
    Big groups are easily catered for, but to arrange group seating it would be good to know numbers beforehand.
    So who is going & would like to confirm, please?

    WED 3RD NOVEMBER. 7.30PM. :wave:
  23. I'm in for the dinner and memorial ride to HMS
  24. Thanks David for checking out the exact location & giving us the descriptions. I'm in, rgds, Franz
  25. November 3rd ! See you there.


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