Miguels Nong Hoi for dinner?

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  1. Any guys want to get together for a bite to eat & drink a little & plan rides in the 2nd half of next week at Miguels in Nong Hoi?
    Wednesday 16th June
    Thursday 17th June
    Friday 18th June

    Wednesday & Friday would be best for me...Thursday is ok after 9PM.
  2. Hi David,
    I will be Chiang Mai from next Thursday to Sunday, but I guess you are planning rides rather than riding them in that timescale. I will keep an eye on the thread and see if something fits. Hope to see you in Dan Sai this weekend.
  3. John I'm in Dan Sai Friday & Saturday night. Loei Sunday & Monday nights. Tuesday back in Chiang Mai, unless I overnight in Sukhothai on the way.
    After that back in Cnx for a few days, then need to visit Thoed Thai & Doi Mae Salong to deliver some brochures I've had printed.
  4. Depending on where I am on the chosen day, I am up for dinner for sure

  5. Have you decided on a date David?

    Look forward to seeing everybody, Friday would be a great start to the evening. Off tomorrow morning early for a ride and fish up the way of the 120.

  6. Still on the road. In Utttaradit tonight. back in Cnx tomorrow. Lets work some thing out then.
  7. David, if either Sat or Sun night Fiu and me will be joining, only coming back from a business trip late Friday eve. Rgds, FR
  8. Well gents, proposed were....

    Wednesday 16th June
    Thursday 17th June
    Friday 18th June

    but it looks like Saturday 19th June is better.
    Now what time to start, 7.30PM approx, is what I propose. (The Friday night traffic should be quieter by then & the football will have started, no?)

    David Unk
    John Gooding
    Kevin Fishenough
    Franz & Fiu
    Tony Kiwi

    Tom Forde?
    anyone else around for a meal & a bike natter?
  9. 7.30pm Saturday Farang time is fine for me. Look forward to seeing those who can make it.
  10. Backdoorphil where are you?
  11. Hmmh. Tough one, but I'll give you a hint, trying looking at the topic title. :thumbup:
    See you there.
  12. Well, for someone who is not very familiar with Chiangmai this may be a bit difficult. Miguels is located at N18 45.148 E99 00.527 which is at Rd 106 on the south side of Chiangmai on the old road from Chiangmai to Lamphun.
  13. Well, yes, it is easy to find if you know where it is. The picture of the restaurant you showed is correct so you know what you have to look out for.

    Assuming that your Google map with the circle in the left hand side bottom is where you expect that Miguels's is then you are a bit off. From the junction of the intersection between 106 and the 1141 on your Google map you will have to go in the direction of the CP Australia and New Zealand Center and you will find Miguels on your right hand side (about 630 meter from the intersection of the 106/1141 road)
  14. OK, sorry to have misunderstood your map. Hope you guys have a good time on Saturday evening,


  15. Tomorrow night (Saturday) is the night. 7PM Miguel's Nong Hoi.
  16. I didn't see any of these posts in either the RSS feed or under "New Posts". :thumbdown: Sorry I missed it guys. :x It's a great place to eat.
  17. Food, service & ambiance was excellent. So was the company. You missed a good night.
    Perhaps we should have another in 2 weeks?
  18. OK, I see now; you have to check "View New Posts" and "View Active Topics", they are not mutually inclusive. The new forum layout is taking some getting used to.
  19. OK, I see now; you have to check "View New Posts" and "View Active Topics", they are not mutually inclusive. The new forum layout is taking some getting used to.
    View New Posts is the way to go.
  20. I also enjoyed meeting old friends and new faces, The food and service was excellent and I will certainly be up for a repeat in 2 weeks.
  21. Make it a permanent GTR dinner I would suggest, should become a regular meeting. I'm in again anyway as I enjoyed both the company of you all & the excellent food !! Regards, FR
  22. Was great evening, and certainly look forward to doing it again soon. Thanks to all for joining us!

  23. Next one
    Wednesday 30th June 7.30PM?...
  24. Nice timing David, the day I get back to CM for a few days, riding a KLX 250 for use at the X-Centre. Looking forward to more of that Mexican food and the sweet was delicious as well.
  25. Wednesday 30th June 19:30, I'm in, rgds, Franz

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