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  1. From August 2012

    Phrae arrival time was around 4.15? PM from memory.
    Time for happy hour somewhere. We imbibed a few ice coldies in the Paradorn Coffee shop, the moved on to chug around town & check out the attractions for late on that night.

    As luck would have it we spotted a few bikes parked outside little bars.
    The Bike Base turned out the place to hang out at



    the guys here are really cool & welcome all bikers to Phrae.
    At the end of a not inconsiderable happy hour with numerous beers consumed, they refused to accept any payment because it was their "welcome to Phrae city."
    Then in response to our enquiry for good food / music / drinks in Phrae they offered to show us where.
    Down the main road & side roads later we arrived at a delightful little cafe - pub. The Boran Baan Terng.


    the ambiance was very mellow & inviting


    the food was excellent, cheap & with huge servings


    There was a mix-up with the order & one dish never came, but we were pleased that it did not, because we could not eat anymore.
    The music was friendly & western orientated (although no Hotel California).


    Time to pay the bill & we thought there was a mistake - it was far too cheap!
    We double checked & everything was on the bill - unbelievable value for money.
    Then there was another debate about who was paying - us or them. Our new found Phrae hosts wanted to pay yet again - it was their establishment too. But this time round we stuck to our guns & forced some money on the waitress & told her to keep the change.
    Yep the Bike Base guys in Phrae certainly know how to look after you. Their generosity was overwhelming.
  2. We sauntered off from the Bike Base guys cafe & managed to locate the Tawandang of Phrae: Inca.
    We only found the place after getting lost once & then asking an inebriated guy coming out of another pub & restaurant on the highway. He said follow me & off he roared, doing a quick U-turn* racing off down a couple of side roads. Once there he yelled out Inca, Sawade Krap & off he went.

    The Inca


    we arrived late at the Inca & the place was packed & rocking.
    Service was considerably slow, but we did not care, there was so much going on & to observe.
    We arrived late & left late, but the Inca was still ticking over when we left.
  3. Coffee 'n Bike Bakery



    Mueang Hit Road
    GPS Waypoint: N18 08 11.3 E100 08 36.5
    diagonally opposite the Nakon Phrae Tower hotel

    Aircon, quiet, clean & very comfy

    excellent wifi connection & this is most important in Phrae city where the "3G" connection sucks big time.
    Highly recommended.
  4. Another plug for the Boran Baan Terng Pub.



    just had another ripper night in Phrae at this super nice laid back friendly pub.
    A night in Phrae is good guys.
  5. Lom Mai Yai garden restaurant

    newly opened 5 months ago.

    out on the new bypass road from R101 -to R1023.


    located in an ex big tree nursery, hence the name.





    Some of the best food (& service) I've had in a long time = I want to go back to Phrae just to eat at this restaurant




    Check it out guys & over night in Phrae.
    GPS Waypoint: N18 07 37.4 E100 08 23.4
  6. Sad to say that Boran Baan Terng Pub. has closed
    the hot new "Cool spot" to go is the Beach Pub
    GTR - IMG_7557.JPG

    GTR - IMG_7558.JPG

    Live music - not too loud, so that you can still have a conversation.
    GTR - IMG_7561.JPG

    Good relaxed easy going atmosphere
    GTR - IMG_7560.JPG

    Attentive service
    GTR - IMG_7559.JPG

    Decent food & inexpensive prices
    GTR - IMG_7564.JPG

    Not far & in the area of the old Boran Baan Terng Pub.
    GPS Waypoint: N18 07.776 E100 08.861

    Of note too is that the guys at the Bike Base are doing well & have gone upmarket a little - business is going well
    GTR - IMG_7553.JPG

    GTR - IMG_7554.JPG

    Start your happy hour in Phrae with these guys.
    All good polite, cool people.

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  7. The best? breakfast in Phrae
    at the cool folksy Ginger Bread House Cafe & Gallery & Boutique hotel
    GTR - IMG_5822.

    GTR - IMG_5817.
    good coffee
    nice tasty brekkies
    GTR - IMG_5815.

    GTR - IMG_5814.

    GTR - IMG_5817.

    GTR - IMG_5816.

    Gingerbread House Gallery | Facebook
    Recommended as the brekky place to go in Phrae + get a nice cuppa in the aircon.
    Run by a wonderful family.
    Plus they have 3 rooms for a nice classic home stay smack bang in the middle of beautiful Phrae.
  8. The Khrua Hom
    outside the entrance to the Nam Thong hotel soi
    A low key local restaurant, but clean, tasty food & cheap.

    + an irresistible local dish

    GPS: N18 07.696 E100 08.953
  9. The Slope Coffee
    a classic old building on a slope = the building looks like it is going to fall down.


    it never ceases to impress me how innovative Thais can be & turn an old ramshackle joint into a nice place with a cosy ambiance.



    The Slope Coffee has nice outdoor seating / garden to relax in


    The coffee & service is good & cheerful, plus The Slope Coffee is straight across the street from Wat Pong Sanun



    GPS Location: N18.14356 E100.13697
    Well worth a visit & a cuppa in Phrae - make sure you check em out.

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