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  1. This part of Sukothai (New Town) is the place to be for a stopover. The Biker Bar (Owner has a Triumph Bobber) on the right is a buzzing restaurant with great food. There are two guesthouses between that and TR Guesthouse. Give them both a miss. The first quotes 1,100B for a bungalow, The second has very basic bamboo huts for 250. I stayed there once before and the sheets were not clean!! TR guesthouse has FANTASTIC rooms for 600B. I had a 6' bed with a sumptuous mattress and very nice linen. Bar 64000 doesn't look much in the daytime but its a superb street bar that comes alive at night Jarodvithi Thong   Google Maps. Day 7d.
  2. Agreed on both Bar 64000 & Chopper Bar


    Chopper Bar

    Some more on GTR here
    Sukhothai Restaurants

    For accommodation the GF & I are happy with


    390 baht - amazing value!

    More on GTR here
    Sukhothai Accommodation
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