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    Sukhothai Accommodation - anyone found a favorite place in Sukhothai?
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    GF and I found the Pailin Hotel quite nice - about 1000 Baht a night when we were there about 18 months ago. It's about halfway between Sukhothai town and the Sukhothai ruins. Has a nice pool.
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    I stayed at the Rajthanee Hotel on the main street of Sukhothai. It's seen better days, i think, but was decent and very affordable. I think it was 400-500 bt for nice single room. Was clean and nice folks worked there. I think there's reno'd section and older section. Here's one link:

    I had moved there from J and J Guesthouse. Nice set of cabin like rooms on a klong. Run by Farang-Thai family. Went there first after meeting bird dogger at bus station. Good food, too. But family kids were pretty noisy early morning, for my taste.
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    I stayed at 'At Home' in Sukhothai this September. Very comfortable old wooden teak house. It has fan and air con rooms, all with comfy beds, hot showers and yes western toilets. It is set in a pretty garden and the little restaurant does really nice thai food for cheap. Also has a safe place for your bike if you are riding.

    I paid 450B for a fan room. I think breakfast was included but not 100%. It is near the market in the new town, not far from the bridge. I recommend it.


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    J & J Guesthouse Sukhothai.

    Great place to stay in Sukhothai, just off the Main road near the river, right in the centre of town.
    They also have a little restaurant that serves good food and cold beer.

    GPS N17 00.633 E99 48.994

    Rooms range from 500-600 baht which is good value for bungalows in this location.








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  9. Goran Phuket

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    Lots of mini-resorts and guesthouses around historic city area. Incidentally I just came back from Sukhothai on Sunday.

    Stayed at Baan Khunya Resort. Brand new, owner nice Thai gentlemen and KTM Adv rider. He told me his dream is to have a bunch of riders staying at the resort, seriously that's what he said.

    Cozy place, 2 storey bungalows featuring separate 2 rooms at each floor, just over THB 1,000 / breakfast / free wi-fi and you get to park the bike at the porch ;)

    17.016951, 99.726303 (Decimal)



    Here pictured owners' KTM



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    Goran - Can you check those co-ordinates .... they put it in the temple complex !! He does have the correct location on his website.
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    Sorry Russ, post edited. Correct coordinates are 17.016951, 99.726303.
    Thanks for pointing it out.
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    11 August 2015

    Just in from 2 nights in Sukhothai with the GF. She had booked the  Amorn Hotel out on the super through work.


    Good value for money at  450  baht a night, but out of the way if you don't have transport.

    A huge block for travelling salesmen


    Aircon - hot water TV - WiFi


    Plenty of space , bright & airy rooms



    Exceptional good water pressure.

    But if I was to stay downtown in Sukhothai again I'd be staying at either the Orchid


    or the SP


    Of note too in Sukhothai is that the old Rajthanee has closed & is up for sale. I had many a good night there in the coffee shop 20-25 years ago.
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    A return to Sukhothai & time to check out one of the tips above.

    The SP Hotel




    A bit of a classic oldie. And a beauty.






    & for 390 baht an absolute winner.

    Check it out sometime. Loads parking. Some under cover for your bike. Across the street a 7-11, Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Thanchart Bank + Pimmy Bakery House  + S&N Coffee.

    Location Singhawat road, 250 metres from the clock tower roundabout.

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