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  1. Siam Corner
    Ched Yot Road.
    GPS Waypoint: N19 54.313 E99 49.878
    The best Yam Nam Sot on the planet. & David Unk's fave happy hour spot in Chiang Rai.
  2. Aye's Restaurant
    879/4-5, Phahonyothin Rd

    Pepper stake

  3. DOI CHAANG COFFEE.....breakfast

    Doi Chaang @ Art
    Rattanakhet Rd, Chiang Rai.
    Tel: 053-752918 / 086-7300799
  4. A Moo Yang at the Siam Corner

    another plug for the first class food at the Siam Corner.
    I'm also very sad to say that the male - husband owner of Siam Corner, recently died in hospital after a lengthy illness.
    His wife the cook still runs the place, but she says that maybe she will put the business up for sale, as it is no longer fun without her husband there.
    We have to wait & see, but if you are ever in the Ched Yot bar strip vicinity, then make sure you try out the Thai food at Siam Corner. It is tops & all the bar girls there will tell you - YES Siam Corner has the best Thai food in that area.
  5. Yod Doi Coffee & Restauarnt


    a fresh open air coffee shop 20 metres from the clock tower.


    Damn good coffee


    including Hazlenut Latte, one of my favourites

    They also have a nice selection of teas


    Plus it is a good place for brekky - fruit museli with yoghurt & avocado


    Plus salads + tasty sandwiches + croissants


    Check it out. Highly recommended. They are also open late at night for a late night cuppa.

    Note too there is more than one Yod Doi Cofee by the clock tower, one is aircon & only has mediocre service & atmosphere.  THE one to go is the charming non air con Yod Doi coffee on the S-W side of the clock tower .
  6. And now for something different....On the old airport road in the soi to Johann's Place.....the "marvel super heroes Coffee Shop"

    IMG_38771. IMG_3878.






    Good for a laugh.

    Location: the old Sanambin road, a few doors down from Golden Sun Cycle.
  7. Moom Mai Restaurant


    A huge spacious relaxing intimate garden restaurant. Indoors / outdoors dining.




    Live music - folks songs / country.

    A very cool spot to take a nice lady for a romantic meal.


    The best northern Thai food in Chiang Rai. Good attentive service.
    Huge servings / inexpensive - top value for money.

    GTR-DSC_0009. GTR-DSC_0011.



    Highly recommended.

    Location San Khong Luang Rd at the junction with R1211 the Den Har road. 60 metres from the corner.
  8. the Freedom Club (Pub) & Guesthouse


    owned by a group of  polite young motorcycle riding Thai guys




    Location in Ched Yot road, just down from ST Motorcycle Rental & the clock tower.

    Worth popping into for a quick bevvy.

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  9. The Bistro for a great breakfast.  This place has a really good, complete English breakfast, price is 150 baht, I think and that price includes coffee of your choice and a glass of orange juice.  They also do a nice range of omelettes.  Breakfast is served all day.  Hours are 08:00 to 22:00.  Just a couple of minutes ride from the clock tower.  Indoor seating non-smoking and outdoor covered patio seating with smoking allowed.

    The Bistro is located in front of the first floor of the Chiang Rai Condotel.

    The CR Condotel is located at the orange marker on this Google map here-
    Approximate grid coordinates are:
    Degrees Lat Long 19.9091900°, 099.8241300°
    Degrees Minutes 19°54.55140', 099°49.44780'
    Degrees Minutes Seconds 19°54'33.0840", 099°49'26.8680"
    Google Street View of the driveway entrance into CR Condotel is here-
  10. The Chaynam - a nice open air relaxing riverside restaurant




    Good food & service. Generous servings & inexpensive.
    A place where the locals go - no tour buses.
    Location: Kok riverside - north side of the river, downstream from the bridge
    Adjoining the more famous touristy Tha Nam Phu Lae.
  11. Retro Pub

    A cool open air pub with nice music at a sensible level so you can still have a half decent conversation.

    No delinquent teenagers. Generally mature clientele.



    Good pop-jazzy music.


    Highly recommended. Not so easy to find a music pub like this nowadays.
    Location: approximately 200 metres west of the CR Condo.
    GPS approximate: N19 54.511 E99 49.361
  12. San Lom Joy
    Pub & Resrtaurant

    a nice open air pub & restaurant
    Relaxed easy going atmosphere
    Inexpensive - where the locals go - non touristic hang out.
    Cheap 'n cheerful.
    Song for Life Music.

    by the old airport.
    On the GTR Chiang Rai City map as Sailom Joy.
    GPS Waypoint: N19 53.563 E99 49.551
    Check it out for an easy going stress free night out with the locals.

  13. Nangnon Coffee Chiang Rai.

    Great coffee, breakfast spot on Jedyod road, right behind the Wangcome Hotel.

    The best Coffee I’ve found in Chiang Rai by a long shot.

    N19 54.359 E99 49.870

    Nangnon coffee Chiang Rai (1).JPG

    Nangnon coffee Chiang Rai (2).JPG
    My favourite breakfast spot in Chiang Rai. Banana pancakes are delicious.
    Nangnon coffee Chiang Rai (3).JPG

    Nangnon coffee Chiang Rai (4).JPG

    Nangnon coffee Chiang Rai (5).JPG

    Owned and ran by a lovely young couple.

    Give it a go next time you need a real good coffee.

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  14. Agreed on this one. Great coffee & nice omelettes.
    For Yod Doi fans they have opened a new location, diagnonally across from the Nangnon, so you've got two top choices close by.

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