Chiang Rai - R131 - The New Bypass To The West

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    Chiang Rai seems to be the centre of action for new highways & bypass roads to increase it's capacity coping with all the traffic, including the trucks.

    There are two new ones to the East of Chiang Rai

    Chiang Saen - the new bypass to Chiang Rai


    Chiang Rai - R1152 The Other New 4-lane Highway To Chiang Khong.

    To the west is a beautiful traffic light free Route 131.
    GTR - IMG_4856.JPG

    If you're heading North to Mae Sai, use this new beauty.

    The bridge over the Kok River is complete
    GTR - IMG_4861.JPG

    North of the bridge you can find your past a couple of barriers & continue on for a nice ride
    GTR - IMG_4868.JPG

    GTR - IMG_4864.JPG

    GTR - IMG_4871.JPG

    GTR - IMG_4876.JPG

    To the North R131 links up with the airport road on R1.
    To the south R131 links up with R1, 700 metres south of the airport bypass, or 5.4 kms south of the R1020 junction.

    In a car, at the south end you can use R131 all the way from R1 to R1207 across the Kok. This is the road Huai Mae Sai. On a bike you can sneak past the barriers & continue on R131, but you should note that not all the drain covers are in place & you need to go slow & pick your line in a few places.

    In Google Earth it looks like this
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